Made from FSC certified virgin bamboo pulp and free of single-use plastic, Bambooloo paper products are the perfect next step to take in your sustainable living journey.


    Anti Allergen, BPA free, and hypoallergenic with no residual chemicals, our paper products deliver maximum efficiency without any irritation.


    Bambooloo uses 90% less water and 70% less carbon in its production compared to regular wood based toilet paper. Reduce your impact on the planet by switching over to Bambooloo.

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find the answer to frequently asked questions here or feel free to reach out to us at info@nurturing.life.


Is Bambooloo a new brand?

No it isn't. Bambooloo was founded in 2018 in the US and moved over to Asia to establish a strong presence in Singapore, Malaysia and New Zealand.

So, just another bamboo toilet paper brand?

Bambooloo is a front-runner in innovating in the daily-use essentials space. Bambooloo has a one of a kind patent-pending PlusPly Bamboo toilet roll that gives you the plush comfort of a 3 ply, while using similar amount of resources it takes to produce a 2 ply.

Do you sell the same products in Asia and the US?

While some Bambooloo products are available across markets, we take pride in giving consumers exactly what they want.

That's why we have a unique range of Bambooloo essentials such as the PlusPly Toilet Rolls and Grande Kitchen Rolls that are designed and created to exactly match the needs of the US customer.