About Bambooloo

Our Mission

Bambooloo is on a mission to create sustainable homecare alternatives that are better for the people and the planet and reduce and remove single-use plastics whenever and wherever possible.
Bambooloo is the first brand with 0% single-use plastic retail ready packaging. By creating sustainable bamboo paper products packaged in single-use plastic-free packaging, Bambooloo has set out to help our customer save water, carbon and plastic with every roll and wipe.

Our Origin

In early 2016, Bambooloo was created in the United States by Lara Amoroso, a single mom wanting to make a stand against the tidal wave of one-time use plastics.
She teamed up with David Ward a veteran of the sustainable products market in 2017 and the brand became a part of The Nurturing Co. in 2018.
We are determined to make an impact, we’re going all out to create a better, greener alternative that’s sustainably sourced using zero one-time use plastics.
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Reduce your footprint with Bambooloo

Trying to reduce the environmental footrpint of your office or business can be an intimidating task and often require alot of time, money or effort.

We have a simple solution that can help you create a significant difference and reduce your water, carbon and plastic footprint.

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Why should my business care about sustainability?

Many businesses think that becoming a more sustainable business requires alot of time, effort, money and sacrifice and just don't see it as a priority. However, it is now time more than ever to focus on how you can reduce your footprint. Here is why.

  • Consumers want to buy from sustainable brands.

    72% of consumers today want to support brands that are committed to being environmentally and socially responsible.

  • Consumers talk about sustainable brands.

    Consumers are watching and talking about the climate and need for climate action and are quick to call brands out for their disregard on the environment.

  • Consumers are willing to pay to support sustainable brands.

    An average of 65% of consumers, across all age brackets, are willing to pay a premium for environmentally conscious brands.

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