Awards and Accreditations

Sustainable Business Awards 2020/21


Water Management (Winner) Sustainable Business Awards 2020/21

UN Sustainable Development Goals (Winner) Sustainable Business Awards 2020/21

Climate Change & Emissions (Significant Achievement) Sustainable Business Awards 2020/21

Best Social Impact in Asian Startup Awards 2020 

The Nurturing Co, a next generation sustainable products company, was ranked #1 in the Social Impact Category and #7 in Singapore on Pitchdeck Asia's 2020 Asian Startup Award. The 2020 Asian Startup Awards aims to shine a light on the upcoming start ups in the Asian region. Over 3200 votes were cast by registered LinkedIn users that placed the 642 nominated startups in their respective categories. The Nurturing Co came in the first place in the Social Impact category.

Best Social Enterprise 2019 in Sustainable Business Awards

The Sustainable Business Awards (SBA) is arguably Asia’s only award series run by a firm wholly committed to sustainability and which comprehensively assess corporate sustainability programs. The Nurturing Co was awarded the Best Social Enterprise award in 2019.



The Nurturing Co has become the first company in Singapore to have successfully received the ESGmark® accreditation for its Environmental, Social and Governance practices. ESGmark® analyzed the company’s relationship with the environment, their consumers, employees and the community before awarding them the mark in November 2020. The Nurturing Co is committed to bringing products that are better for the planet and people through fair, sustainable and ethical practices.

raiSE Singapore

The Nurturing Co is a registered social enterprise under raiSE Singapore. raiSE was set up in 2015 to develop the Social Enterprise sector in Singapore through a cross-sector collaboration between the Ministry of Social and Family Development, National Council of Social Service, Social Enterprise Association and Tote Board to develop the social enterprise sector in Singapore.

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Why should my business care about sustainability?

Many businesses think that becoming a more sustainable business requires alot of time, effort, money and sacrifice and just don't see it as a priority. However, it is now time more than ever to focus on how you can reduce your footprint. Here is why.

  • Consumers want to buy from sustainable brands.

    72% of consumers today want to support brands that are committed to being environmentally and socially responsible.

  • Consumers talk about sustainable brands.

    Consumers are watching and talking about the climate and need for climate action and are quick to call brands out for their disregard on the environment.

  • Consumers are willing to pay to support sustainable brands.

    An average of 65% of consumers, across all age brackets, are willing to pay a premium for environmentally conscious brands.

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