Bambooloo brand licensing program: Unlock the amazing possibilities!


Bambooloo is an eco-friendly and sustainable toilet paper, tissue, and towel bamboo based brand. Our brand licensing program provides licensees with a range of opportunities to collaborate and benefit from our products.

We offer a variety of licensing opportunities, including product licensing, trademark licensing, and co-branding. Our program provides excellent support to licensees and helps them to achieve their business goals.

Brand Overview

The Bambooloo brand is focused on sustainability and eco-friendly products. Our core values are centered around preserving our environment and creating products that are safe for our planet, reducing the needs for one time use plastics and offering less impacting carbon saving alternatives to many traditional (and not sustainable ) products.

We target the many many consumers and businesses who are looking for sustainable, eco-friendly products. Our competitive advantage lies in our commitment to sustainability and among our unique selling points are our products' quality and durability and copyright innovative packaging.

Product Portfolio

Bambooloo offers a wide range of toilet paper, tissue, and towel products. Our products are made from the natural and renewable material, bamboo, and are designed to be both eco-friendly and sustainable.

We have a rigorous product development process that focuses on sustainability and quality. Our commitment to sustainability through the product cycle, and we believe our products' quality; are what sets us apart from other brands.

Licensing Opportunities

The Bambooloo brand licensing program offers a range of opportunities for potential licensees. Our program provides excellent support to licensees and helps them to achieve their business goals and harness the growing movement towards more sustainable consumption.

We offer product licensing, trademark licensing, and co-branding opportunities. Licensees can benefit from our products' quality and sustainability, as well as our commitment supply partner base.

Licensing Process

The Bambooloo brand licensing program is designed to be simple and straightforward. Our licensing process is designed to provide excellent support to licensees and help them to achieve their business goals.

We provide a range of services to licensees, such as product development support, marketing support, and customer service support. Our program is designed to help licensees maximize their business potential, and we invest our time and expertise to help them best understand the opportunities in their given market, and how to best apply this knowledge to answer the demands of consumers seeking more sustainable choices..


If you and your business would like to know more about our program and join our growing list of partners seeking to make a positive impact by capitalising on our proven success rate of creating and launching sustainable alternatives in numerous markets we would be happy to hear from you.

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Reduce your footprint with Bambooloo

Trying to reduce the environmental footrpint of your office or business can be an intimidating task and often require alot of time, money or effort.

We have a simple solution that can help you create a significant difference and reduce your water, carbon and plastic footprint.

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Why should my business care about sustainability?

Many businesses think that becoming a more sustainable business requires alot of time, effort, money and sacrifice and just don't see it as a priority. However, it is now time more than ever to focus on how you can reduce your footprint. Here is why.

  • Consumers want to buy from sustainable brands.

    72% of consumers today want to support brands that are committed to being environmentally and socially responsible.

  • Consumers talk about sustainable brands.

    Consumers are watching and talking about the climate and need for climate action and are quick to call brands out for their disregard on the environment.

  • Consumers are willing to pay to support sustainable brands.

    An average of 65% of consumers, across all age brackets, are willing to pay a premium for environmentally conscious brands.

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