There’s quality, and then there’s quality with a conscious. 

We can guarantee our products are the very best quality, made with the least impacting method possible. Our products are made from 100% FSC certified virgin bamboo pulp, made possible through a proprietary process that results in a product that is of high performance, low on impact and always kind to you and Mother Earth.


We're seriously committed.

From start to finish you won’t find any one-time use plastics lurking around.

Not in our production, not in our packaging, not in our logistics, and not in our retail displays too! So we won’t leave you worrying about the waste, as our products are reusable, recyclable and biodegradable.


Experts at doing the right thing.

We are all experts at using stuff. But now, we all need to become experts at doing the right thing.

That’s why our team is made up of real experts in using the loo, changing diapers and even cooking. All the things we do in our daily lives. Like you, we believe in sustainability. Like you, we are humans who are serious about making a difference and are committed to engaging with our customers to share and learn.

While we may not know everything, we do have a great network of people who are as equally passionate about solving problems as we are.

0% Bamboozle, real transparent.

We are all experts at using stuff. But now, we all need to become experts at doing the right thing. When we say 0% bamboozle, we mean it! There will be none of this green washing with us.

We are open and determined to remain this way, which led to our decision to join B Corp as the business continues to grow. Our bamboo is also FSC certified! We have no one-time use plastic packaging, no chemicals, no fragrances, no BPAs.

We wear our hearts on our sleeves and are unafraid to show it when it comes to sustainability & making an impact.


Reduce your footprint with Bambooloo

Trying to reduce the environmental footrpint of your office or business can be an intimidating task and often require alot of time, money or effort.

We have a simple solution that can help you create a significant difference and reduce your water, carbon and plastic footprint.

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Why should my business care about sustainability?

Many businesses think that becoming a more sustainable business requires alot of time, effort, money and sacrifice and just don't see it as a priority. However, it is now time more than ever to focus on how you can reduce your footprint. Here is why.

  • Consumers want to buy from sustainable brands.

    72% of consumers today want to support brands that are committed to being environmentally and socially responsible.

  • Consumers talk about sustainable brands.

    Consumers are watching and talking about the climate and need for climate action and are quick to call brands out for their disregard on the environment.

  • Consumers are willing to pay to support sustainable brands.

    An average of 65% of consumers, across all age brackets, are willing to pay a premium for environmentally conscious brands.

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