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Wipeless™ - Model MK1 Twin nozzle Bidet

Wipeless™ - Model MK1 Twin nozzle Bidet

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Be a sprayer, not a spreader.

The MK1. 

Cut through the carp of the day and great serious about cleaning up down there.

Time to blow off all those hangers-on.

Reduce your use of TP by 65-80% also. Save your money and lose that itch that comes from paper sticking just where you don't need it.

A Wipeless™ gives you a "Spa" like clean feeling with a simple turn of the dial. Cleaning up your act has never been so easy before. 

Self-fit in about 30 mins. No special tools needed. 

Wipeless™ bidet bars connect to the same piping that supplies your toilet, so requires no additional water supply. In some cases, a longer connecting hose may be needed. 

The Wipeless™ Bidet Bar offers a:

Clean and discreet design
Is quick and easy to install
Universally fits most toilets
Includes the pipe connector needed 



  1. Dual nozzles design, with a cover plate.
  2. One nozzle for front wash, one for the rear wash.
  3. The patented ceramic valve design.
  4. Special self-cleaning function (before & after each wash).
  5. Patented softer and comfortable nozzle design.
  6. Soft turn action dial
  7. Slipless© Grip pad sections.
  8. 6mm Slim Bidet bar with dual Wipeless branding.
  9. 12-month warranty

Accessories included:

  1. 1/2'' Brass adaptor.
  2. 1/2'' Rubber washer.
  3. 80cm TPU hose.
  4. One-year warranty card.
  5. Manual Instruction.
  6. Inner box.


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Michael Raj
Bidget wipeless

Very cool very nice product..
Easy install